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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

It was so nice to get to be outside this week for recess. It was a muddy mess on the playground and market square, but we were outside, so that’s a win. We also got to go outside for phenology this week. Looks like this next week will be nice weather wise too!

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In P.E. the kids have been working on volleyball. Up to now they haven’t been using the net, but this week they got to try to serve over it.

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In reading the kids have continued to learn about rocks. This week we read about minerals. This tied nicely to science class because we did experiments with minerals. So in the morning they would read about minerals and in the afternoon they got hands on. Thanks to Annika everyone got to touch pyrite.

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Writing saw the completion of our 3rd graders informational piece about a place at PCCS. On Friday, the kids read their papers to the class and each group did a terrific job. The process from first idea to presentation was a slow one, but they all stuck with it and got it done. We are really proud of how they turned out.

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Last spring 3rd and 4th graders from our classes planted corn, beans, and squash. This fall the current group of 3rd and 4th graders got to harvest it. The corn was used as a fundraiser to raise money for this years garden. The beans and squash were harvested and stored for the fall/winter. They were then used in this past weeks Farm to Table. I had put together a little video about the process and we shared it with all of the classes during Farm to Table. Sarah and Noel got to go to the barn and introduce the video to the 5/6 grade band. They did a wonderful job presenting to the “big kids”.


Multiplication and division word problems were the focus in math again this week. I believe we move on to area of shapes that have different parts of rectangles, so that should be fun.

The upcoming week should be fun. We start with an assembly celebrating that you send your kids to a school of choice and we have a bunch of activities planned for the week. We also get to watch Sahasrad and Noel compete in the school-wide spelling bee. This is the first year that 3rd graders have participated and we are so proud of all the kids who tried so hard. It was wonderful to watch how brave everyone was.

~ Mrs. Steinbeck