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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Happy New Year! It was great taking time off to be with my family, but I was ready to get back to work this week. Thankfully, it was a short week. However, we were still able to get a good amount of work done.

In writing, the kids are still working on their informational pieces about things found on campus. They have just about completed this writing assignment and we will move on to the next area.

For math we continued multiplication with an emphasis on patterns. We did all kinds of things with manipulatives and cards to foster understanding. We also did a bit with area again. This one proved a little tough for the kids and we will be reviewing some more next week.

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Due to the cold this week we had to be indoors for recess every day. That’s not really my favorite way to spend recess, I much prefer watching the kids run around outside – plus it gets really loud inside! But we always make the best of it. Some kids play games, some read, others draw, and MadLibs have become very popular. I played Pictionary on the whiteboard with some students, as well. This was quite fun. It looks like the weather will be nicer next week and we can get back outside.

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Without question the most exciting thing that happened this week was our new science unit. We are now studying Soils, Rocks, and Land Formations! So this basically means that we are messing around with soil and rocks, which in the eyes of third graders, is about as good as it gets. So far we have looked at various soil types to determine how different they can be depending on where they come from. Then we took medium sized rocks in a plastic jar and shook them like crazy to see that they break apart and become powdery. We filled a glass jar all the way to the top with water and left it outside in our freezing temperatures. When we looked at it again the next day, the lid had been pushed off by the ice and then the glass broke! Next we will be looking at the effects of chemical weathering on rocks and then we will build a model of erosion and deposition. So much of next week will involve getting messy during science class – something most everyone enjoys.

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I think that is quite a bit to do in three days. We also took some time Friday to watch the 8th grade boys basketball team narrowly defeat a group of teachers. I once again left my gym shoes at home and was unable to play, but it was fun to watch. Next week promises to be another fun one. Have a great weekend!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck