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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Well, we made it to the last week before winter break! We only have two pretty easy days left before we all head out in different directions for a couple of weeks. I know I’m frantically trying to get everything ready for my family’s break.

I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures this week. I was out sick Monday and still not feeling great on Tuesday. Ms. Hahn was out Wednesday and we had indoor recess a couple of days. But as usual, I’m happy to share what I did take with all of you.

So let’s start with recess, everyones favorite subject! We were inside a few days and outside a few other. Some days for indoor recess I will play some music and we all have a fun dance party, kids play board games, while others draw pictures. I also put on a Wild Kratt’s video one day to watch.

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The kids have been continuing to learn about Native Americans in social studies. Math has been multiplication and division. In reading all of the groups have finished their assignments so we will wait until after break to introduce another book. For writing, we are taking a break from the informational text that they were writing. The kids were really getting bogged down and some probably weren’t the experts in their subject that they originally thought. So we will jump back into them when we get back. So this week they are writing about a location at Prairie Crossing. Some are writing about Muir Hall, some our classroom, and others the Nelson gym. They are working on this writing assignment with a partner and they seem to be doing a great job.

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Hopefully you were able to join us for the Holiday sing. Our 3rd graders did a great job! Although they have been practicing, it has only been with our class. They were only able to practice one time with the whole grade band. But I thought they sounded wonderful and even nailed the part where they were signing different parts.

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Here is my favorite photo of the week. The kids were working on the carpet and I took a picture. The way the sunlight streamed in and hit my lens made for a very cool image.


I will try to post the pictures from our winter party by the end of this week. Otherwise, stop by the website once we get back from break! I wish all of you a fun and safe winter break. Happy New Year!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck