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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

‘Tis the season for shorter attention spans as we all eagerly count down the days to winter break. Between now and then we have a Green Assembly, Holiday Bazaar, Holiday Sing, and our classroom holiday party just to name a few things. But don’t worry teachers and students are still focused on the task at hand and we are getting things done in the classroom.

The kids have been introduced to the concept of division in math this week. It can be a little tricky for them to understand, but they seem to be getting it.

nov28-9 nov28-8 nov28-7 nov28-6 nov28-5

In writing they have been working on a informational text. They have all selected something they are experts in. For example, some have chosen Pokemon, Minecraft, Mario Kart, or particular animals. They then had to write everything they knew about that topic down. Once they did that they shared with friends what they know about their topic. Next they had to decide how to separate their writing with a table of contents. Next week they will work on adding information to their different table of content categories.

nov28-15 nov28-14 nov28-13 nov28-12 nov28-11

Social studies has us still learning about Native Americans. This week we learned about tipi’s and how they were built and what they kept in them. The kids all made their own out of construction paper. Then they learned about winter counts. These were made out of animal hides and then they would use pictures to indicate events that had happened. Kind of like a picture calendar. The kids all made one of these as well.

nov28-30 nov28-31 nov28-32 nov28-33 nov28-34 nov28-35

As usual, PE is fun for our class. This week it was step aerobics. I didn’t get any pictures of them on the steps because I was using my phone for the music, but they liked it.

nov28-3 nov28-29 nov28-27 nov28-26 nov28-25 nov28-21 nov28-22 nov28-23 nov28-24 nov28-20 nov28-2 nov28-19 nov28-18

Thursday we went to our quiet spot. The weather is getting much colder than it has been. But that wasn’t our biggest challenge for this trip. This time it was all the rabbit, coyote, and dog poop that was all over the trail. It made it hard to find a clean place to sit and write, but the kids managed. Of course, many of them incorporated poop into their writing somehow, so it made for funny sharing when we were done!

nov28-47 nov28-46 nov28-45 nov28-44 nov28-43 nov28-42 nov28-41 nov28-40 nov28-39 nov28-38

Of course we work hard all week, but we also have a lot of fun, here are a few examples.

nov28-28 nov28-36 nov28-49

So that’s the wrap-up of the week. Next week should be really fun with the Holiday Bazaar. Please make sure to make donations, if possible (it just seems fair that if you child is going to buy something that they also donate something). And please make sure to get the money and gift tags turned in on time. Every child should have pre-made gift tags for each person they will be shopping for. It will also make things much easier if they all have gift bags for the number of gifts they are buying as well.

Have a nice week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck