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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

This week the kids had fun learning volleyball in PE. Mr. Flinn smartly started the kids out with soft dodge balls. I’m not sure I want to be in the gym when he gives them real volleyballs, but they sure seemed to enjoy themselves.

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We have been learning about the Native Americans in social studies. This week they learned about how Native American tribes evolved and adapted over the years depending on the resources they had available to them. How some went from hunting and gathering to also incorporating growing crops. The highlight of the week was the lesson on trading. Because the Native Americans would not have been able to communicate with other tribes using words, the kids had to trade with one another without speaking. It was very fun to watch. Each child had to make sure they completed the lesson by having a few required items and then they could have some additional items as well. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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Multiplication is the focus at the moment in math class. The 3rd graders have been filling out multiplication times tables and learning the basics of multiplication. I can personally attest to the need to get these kids fluent in multiplication times tables. Two of my three boys struggled with this and it continues to impact them as they face more advanced math. Literally spending just minutes a day memorizing these facts will make math so much easier and enjoyable for your kids.

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We also give extra projects to fast finishers so that they can extend their knowledge and stay busy while classmates are finishing required work. Grace and Noel took on a project of making a zoo utilizing their new found skills in perimeter and area. They presented their zoo project to the class.


This week likely saw us having our last nice, comfortable, Phenology outing. Third graders were in t-shirts or light jackets as they recorded their observations of the changes in nature. We will continue to do quiet spots and phenology as winter finely shows its face. So please make sure that your child has a warm coat, hat, gloves, snow pants, and boots.

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And as usual, there are fun times happening in the classroom (and out)! Bhoomi makes me laugh everyday and Izzy thought she discovered some dinosaur bones out in Market Square. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that they were really just rocks.

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Our class did a great job when we went to vote for the new name of the gym. Fifth and sixth graders held an election and provided information on four candidates. So our kids were well informed before heading into the voting booth. Now we have to wait for them to tally the votes and get through some loopholes before we find out which environmentalist won. I love it when kids from different grades get a chance to work together.

As I mentioned earlier, make sure that your kids have proper winter clothes at school after the break. They will not be allowed to play in snow unless they have boots and snowpants. It would also be a smart idea to send in a change of clothes for their lockers. Make sure it’s season appropriate clothing and please include socks. Thanks in advance.

As we only have two ER days next week before we all head out on Thanksgiving break, I will not be doing a blog post next week.

Please enjoy a fun and safe Thanksgiving and know that I give thanks each and everyday that your children are a part of my life.

~ Mrs. Steinbeck