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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Wow, time sure is flying in Ms. Hahn’s class. The end of the first trimester is near, Halloween is coming up next week, and then we are into November. Before you know it we will be heading off into winter break. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here is a look back to this past week.

We all had a great time this week. The kids started the week dancing in PE. They have begun a dancing unit and they did a wonderful job. Mr. Flinn taught them how to do the cupid shuffle, cha cha (you know the one “everybody clap your hands”), and they started working on Thriller. I wasn’t sure how everyone would like the dance unit, but they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

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On Tuesday morning we had a quick assembly outside to talk about the mighty apple. Each class got a bag of apples, so we had a nice discussion about the apples lifecycle and then ate some apples.

Tuesday also brought a visit to the barn to participate in a fun activity that Naomi put together. She used the food that everyone donated to the food pantry and set up a store. I then took the kids over and they had to try to put together a healthy meal for them and their families. They had so much fun trying to figure out what to make. Of course at the end the food was donated to the food pantry.

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In math the kids have been learning about area. They started with square inches and have been measuring different objects to see how many 1 inch square tiles will fit into them. They did the same with 3×3 post-it notes. Then on Friday they made 1 foot by 1 foot squares, figured out how many 1 inch tiles fit inside, and then we went outside and they drew 1 yard by 1 yard squares on the parking lot. They then determined how many of their 1 foot by 1 foot squares would fit inside. It was a really fun activity and it was great to get outside during a math class.

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Thursday we took the kids to quiet spots. There are more and more changes to the prairie and the trails as leaves are falling at a quick rate, insects are less prevalent, and the milkweed pods are all open and spreading their seeds.

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Finally, this week we had a lot of fun in recess. One day some of the kids took turns tossing leaves at me, which was fun. Then we got out a jump rope and I showed them that I could not only jump rope, but I could still jump in as well! It was raining one day and we had to stay inside for indoor recess. The kids can play games, draw, read, or dance with me in a dance party. Clearly I had as much fun as the kids did this week during recess!

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So, I think that is about it for the week. I’ll post pictures from the Halloween party next week.

~ Mrs. Steinbeck