Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 8 Review and Photos

This week was full of interesting and fun things for our fourth graders. We started out early in the week with a Green Assembly which focused on trash free lunches. Two of our students, Mae and Max, got to walk across the stage in a trash free lunch fashion show. They were selected because they consistently bring trash free lunches. Other students do as well, but we were limited to two.

Each day this week myself and my fellow grade band IA’s presented anti-bullying programs to our classes. Each of us had a presentation and we eventually made it around to each of the 3/4 classes. I think these smaller lessons have a great impact on the kids. They seemed to be engaged during them all.

Wednesday we went to quiet spots. However, this was the loudest and most interesting one (from the kids perspective anyway) to date. We had barely left the school property and we saw a snake that, unfortunately, lost a battle with a car. Then we ran into a fuzzy caterpillar crossing our path. Once at quiet spots we were greeted by nice warm weather and bees and mosquitos. When everyone had moved into their spots we started to hear some mewing. I thought one of the kids was messing around at first, but quickly determined it was a real cat because of all the screaming our class was doing. I’m not really sure why they felt the need to scream when a cat showed up, but I’m not a 4th grader. I guess the cat got scared and left for awhile. I moved my position for the second half of quiet spots and guess who wanted to make another appearance? Yep the cat came back, this time she stuck around and let me take her picture and let us pet her. She was clearly a very healthy pet. Just as we were packing up a large flock of geese did a flyover above us and on our way back we found a katydid. So, needless to say, the kids loved quiet spots this week.

Recess has been really fun lately as the kids are playing jump rope. I’ve enjoyed showing them how I can jump right along with them. I also surprised them, and myself, that I could still “jump in” into a twirling rope!

The 3/4 grade will be presenting about squash and the 3 sisters at this weeks Farm to Table. So our kids spent some time preparing a little skit and some posters and table tents. I can’t wait to see how they do this week. We finished up the week an anti-bullying assembly. So this was a very busy week for fourth grade. Enjoy the photos! Have a great week!

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