Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 6 Review and Photos

Wow! The weather this past week was absolutely perfect. We had so much fun inside and outside the classroom! This week we had the opportunity to get together with our Book Buddies from Mrs. Berger’s Kindergarten class. The subject was recycling, so Mrs. Berger read a book about the topic, and then the kids did a few activities together. One was a relay race where they took turns grabbing a piece of trash or recycling and putting it in the correct pile (have not worries, everything was clean!). After that the 4th graders worked with the kindergarteners to make posters showing what can be recycled and what needs to be thrown in the trash. Hopefully everyone is becoming more informed and can make better choices at school and at home.

We had the chance to visit our willow trees for Phenology this week. The weather was actually pretty warm, but the colors are beautiful and there is so much to write about – so many changes this time of year. Many students created wonderful drawings to go along with their writing.

Everybody continues to be fascinated with our study of electricity. Fourth graders seem to enjoy creating circuits and trying to add as many battery and lightbulb combinations. I’m sure they will be sad to learn that this unit ends pretty soon.

Here are some photos from the week! Enjoy.

DSC08529 DSC08530 DSC08528 DSC08518