Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 7 Review and Photos

Generally I have been doing a good job of taking pictures throughout the week. This week, however, seems to be an exception. I only have a few to share with everyone. But that’s not to say that we didn’t do a lot of cool things.

Phenology continues to be very interesting, fall, obviously, is a season of huge changes and it is fun to watch the kids write and illustrate those changes. Some of their drawings are really good. So much so, that I’ve been inspired to try to draw a little myself! The electricity unit is nearly complete and the 4th graders have had so much fun. I know they will be disappointed to finish the unit, but we just started an equally fun unit in social studies, explorers. They already did a great job presenting a play on Friday in which a variety of explorers share how they were the first to discover America.

In Reading, I brought in some audiobooks from the library (Grayslake), they are called Playaway. It’s essentially a small audio device that a single user can listen to. The library has a large amount of these available, I also checked and both Freemont and Warren carry them too. The kids really liked them. However, the books tend to be a few hours long, which makes sharing them difficult. One student wants to listen to one and then finish the book, but meanwhile other kids want to listen as well. So while they are really neat I’m not going to bring them in anymore. Your students are welcome to check them out at the library and bring them in for reading. Ms. Hahn, suggest that they check out the hard copy of the book too, so they can follow along. I’ll keep a stash of batteries for them in my desk in case anyone needs them.

Have a great week!

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