Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 5 Review and Photos

Can you believe we have already completed five weeks of school? It is crazy how fast the school year is going. But this week was another good one. We had pretty perfect weather, which was nice because we were outside a lot this week. PCCS participated in attendance week for Lake County and we made it fun by having spirit week. Monday the class wore green or PCCS Spirit Wear, Tuesday was dress like your favorite book character, Wednesday was crazy hair/hat day (yes, I wore my cheesehead!), Thursday was No Child Left Inside day, and Friday was picnic day. I would say our class did a great job participating in all of the fun.

So what did we do outside this week? Well we started with writing in which the kids paired up and had to write as descriptively as possible to lead their partner to a particular plant/flower in the gardens behind our classroom. Some did pretty well, while others were stumped because they needed a bit more information. We actually repeated this activity later in the week and the students seemed to really like it. Some kids had to finish up NWEA tests, but once they were done they met me in Market Square for reading. Everyone grabbed a spot to sit and read their books. Some actually walked around when they were reading (I watched out so that they didn’t run into anything!) which was impressive. Wednesday we had Phenology so once again we headed outside to study our plants. On Thursday we went outside for every subject except math and spelling. We did reading groups outside, writing, PE, Art, and even had a really exciting time doing compass work. We finished the week by eating lunch outside on Friday followed by some delicious fruity popsicles thanks to administration.

Well if we did all of this outside, what did we do inside? In math we are focusing on factors so we did a few activities and games to increase our comfort level. But I’m pretty sure everyones favorite was science. We have moved from magnets to electricity, so the 4th graders have been using batteries and little light bulbs to build circuits. They were so excited to get their lightbulbs to light!

If your student is a little tired this weekend, you know why! Have a great weekend!

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