Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 4 Review and Photos

This week the weather was a little strange, we had hot days, colder days, and rainy days – I guess that is fall in Illinois. I think the kids made the best of it though. We had to have recess indoors one day due to pouring rain, so Ms. Hahn’s 4th graders kept themselves entertained by playing board games, card games, playing with little figures, and our epic dance party. I usually find some kid friendly YouTube video, we put it on the big screen, and we dance! I’m sure your student has mentioned to you how wonderfully (awful!) I dance.

On Tuesday we kicked off our Green Assembly program talking about recycling. This week we will be taking a tally of all the trash vs. recycling the class collects. Hopefully it is more recycling. It was a nice day on Wednesday so we went to the big willow trees for Quiet Spots. I really hope some of the kids continue to take time throughout their lives to sit under big willow trees to write and sketch. What an absolutely perfect thing to do once in awhile.

On Friday we spent a little time getting to know our Book Buddies from Mrs. Berger’s room. Our “big” kids did a great job reading to the “little” kids. Then we all listened as Mrs. Berger read a story about a fireboat that helped out after the 9-11 attacks.

Most kids finished up the week by earning reward time, so this week it was a trip to my treasure chest for a little treasure such as a small notebook, mechanical pencil, or rubber duck.

Have a nice week!

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