Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 37 Review and Photos

This is probably the second to last post I will do for this year, which is good because I have seemingly lost the ability to remember what it is we have done. In addition, I did not take as many pictures this week and something seems to be wrong with the page that I usually post them all on, as it is not letting me do it this week. So I’ll just give you a quick recap and the few pictures I have taken.

This week we did some more work on poems. Each student had to put together a poem book with a variety of poems such as free verse, color, concrete, and haikus. They all did a great job writing their poems. Social studies was more of the Lewis and Clark project. They continue to work well in their teams as they travel westward together. It’s been fun to watch them work on the tasks everyday. We’ve had huge boats outlined in the hall, forts created, and some have learned sign language. In math we finished up the unit on standard measurement. Although most did pretty well, it certainly was harder than the metric unit.

Thursday we had our pizza party. This was a reward I offered up before and during Earth Week. I challenged the class to try to eliminate or at least greatly reduce the amount of trash that was coming everyday in lunches. The kids did a wonderful job and we literally had only a single piece of trash or two some days. I know many of our students talked to you to help them out with this and I truly appreciate it. So I ordered 4 super large pizzas and they dug in! We had a little left over so we were able to share with some hungry teachers and office staff too, which was nice.

Friday proved nice enough to get out for quiet spots day. We didn’t travel far, but we did sit by the field that only 2 weeks ago had been engulfed in the flames of a prairie burn, only to see it making a strong effort to come back stronger than ever. So much green is poking through the black, it really is beautiful to see. Many kids even used the charred plants to add dark colors to their drawings, how cool is that?

We also got through any testing that hadn’t been completed yet, so there shouldn’t be any more of that to deal with the rest of the way. 

So please enjoy a few photos from this week.
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Finally, as I like to do from time to time, I’m going to insert a personal photo. As last night  my son Luke returned home from the 2 week Virginia trip. It was fun to wait at the school for the bus to return as I was surrounded by other parents from our class waiting on their child’s return as well. The trip sounds like it went great and they all had a lot of fun. It’s such a great opportunity for these kids and really helps them see that they are more than ready to tackle the challenges of high school. So, hopefully, in four years, I’ll see many of you waiting for our then 8th graders to return!
week 37-14

Have a nice week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck