Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 36 Review and Photos

Summer break is just around the corner which means we are trying to squeeze in every last bit of learning that we can. This week poetry, measurement and conversions, and the Lewis and Clark social studies unit were the main focus. The kids seem to being doing pretty well in all of these. They have particularly enjoyed the Lewis and Clark project. In it they work in groups to perform challenges which may including researching, creating something, or presenting something from the expedition. As they complete tasks and work as a team they earn the right to move their boat further down the Missouri river (the maps outside our classroom if you want to take a look). First team to make it to the Pacific ocean wins!

Our fourth graders have been doing great on the poetry unit. They are required to write acrostic poems, haikus, and color poems among others. Fourth graders will then put them all together in a book which should make it’s way home. Everyone has been enjoying this writing/reading unit.

Last week metric measurement ruled the classroom, this week it’s standard measurement. Our class has quickly realized that metric is infinitely easier to convert and remember. On Friday we did a fun lesson in which students had to determine how many teaspoons and tablespoons are in a cup. We took them outside with buckets of water and some measuring spoons/cups. It was fun to watch the different strategies that they used to figure it out. One thing to note, if your child helps in the kitchen, please make sure they are filling up the measuring devices correctly! Not everyone had the same definition of full and as a result you could have some problems in your final product, especially when baking, when the amounts really matter.

End of the year also means end of the year testing. We took care of NWEA and some quick math tests this week. We’ve gotten through about half of the reading tests we need to do, so hopefully by the end of next we will be done with that too. It’s a hassle for everyone, but your kids all did a great job just rolling with it.

Finally, recess has been fun this week. The kids have been building forts out of fallen limbs they have been gathering. The school even provided a whole load of sticks to add to their pile. Jump ropes have come back out and everyone even enjoyed playing in the rain and the aftermath of the rain.

I will just leave you with some pictures to look through. Have a nice week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck
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