Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 26 Review and Photos

We closed the second trimester on a very high note as Friday we held our Colonial America Day. This was a chance for our 4th graders to get a glimpse of life in the late 1700’s. We had music playing from that era, dancing, candle dipping, games, art projects, and sewing. The conclusion of the celebration was a tea party. Since we had no food leftover I would say it was a success. The kids ate biscuits, homemade butter, jam, bread, apples, cheese, molasses, and raspberry tea. 
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Even the teachers got into the spirit of the day as we all donned colonial clothing!
week 26-21

Earlier in the week we continued with fractions, reviewed multiplication and division and continued to read a book about the colonial days. 

I thought I would include a couple of pictures from Art class this week. Here they were working on 1-Point Perspective using their names. They looked really cool. 
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We had a couple brave volunteers who offered to help clean out our birdhouses. This is an annual event that is necessary to allow the birds to nest in a nice clean space come spring. Some very interesting and disgusting things were found inside, which fascinates a group of 4th graders! All signs seem to be pointing to spring arriving fairly soon!
week 26-4 week 26-3

Finally, I can be a bit goofy with the kids and I do believe it may be rubbing off a bit onto some of them. This group of nice and normal kids are now being caught doing goofy things too! They totally make it a joy to come to work every morning and we have a lot of fun together.
week 26-9 week 26-10 week 26-1

Well, I think that is it for this week. Starting on Monday we are into the 3rd trimester of the school year. That means we only have one trimester left with your kids. During this time we will be really stressing responsibility. Being responsible for your school work, your spaces (desk/locker/hallway etc.),  and your person (keeping hands to yourself). We would like it if you could remind them of this at home. Our goal is to have everyone ready for 5th grade and the responsibilities that it entails before we depart for summer break. 

Have a great weekend!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck