Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 25 Review and Photos

Week 25 was another fun one! The weather was quite nice (albeit a tad windy on Friday) and we were able to get outside. On Wednesday we had Farm to Table and it was delicious. Later that afternoon we took everyone outside for Phenology. The temperature was perfect for sitting in the snow and writing and drawing for a bit. Nobody really complained about being outside. 
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Thursday we were looking ahead to Spring by looking at seed catalogues so that we could help determine what types of seeds to plant. With the cold frames that we have we can get in an early crop for some lovely bounty prior to planting our summer crops. Everyone had their opinions on what they wanted to plant. We obviously can’t plant everything and fruits like melon wouldn’t be ready before the end of the school year. The kids were very excited and I encourage you all to plant at least a small garden so that your kids can learn about gardening. 
week 25-33 week 25-31 week 25-29 week 25-30 week 25-36 week 25-39 week 25-38week 25-35 Even Jesse helped the kids pick out veggies!

On Friday we partnered with a 2nd grade class from Waukegan and met them at the Waukegan Public Library for a field trip. The kids had so much fun with their young partners. They all did a great job helping out their new friends. If you have not been to Waukegan’s library, I highly suggest that you go over there soon. It is big, beautiful, and fun. Best of all whatever your home library is (Grayslake, Warren, Fremont, etc.) you can check out books from Waukegan and return them to your library. If your 4th grader has a younger sibling, they could show them around the children’s section. There is a lot to look at and play with in that section. 
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That’s it for this week, looking forward to next week you will see pictures from our highly anticipated Colonial Immersion Day. It will be fun to see which teachers and students come dressed the part. If you are one of our volunteers, we look forward to seeing you then. 

There are many more pictures on the gallery tab of the webpage, so please hop over there. 

Finally, the highlight of most days is when the Town Crier shares the days news with all of us Bostonians. The kids love when they hear her ring the bell.week 24-1

Have a wonderful week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck