Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 24 Review and Photos

Where did January go? Here we are half-way through February already and I’m hoping Spring makes an early appearance. 

This was a short, but fun-filled week for our 4th graders. We’ve been continuing with our learning about fractions in math. Most students are really beginning to catch on to these concepts. In social studies we have been understanding how the colonists felt about having England still trying to rule from across the pond. Our Town Crier (Ms. Moyer) has been sharing which taxes and laws England is trying to pass. The kids are so excited when she rings the bell and climbs on the table in the hall to make her pronouncements. 
week 24-13 week 24-1
Even though it was a bit cold outside this week, I still took everyone outside for recess. No matter the weather, the kids seem to have a blast playing on the snow and ice.
week 24-6 week 24-5 week 24-4 week 24-3 Instead of phenology or quiet spots, this week, we did an inventory of the schools lighting system. They had to walk around our building and determine how the lights work, why we have windows where we do, and how many bulbs are in the classroom. 
week 24-9 week 24-8 
Friday morning the 4th graders got to attend the Winter PBIS Celebration. They were being rewarded for their outstanding behavior for the last few months. Once in the gym they got to play nerf tag. The company that ran the celebration had portable walls, goggles, and fun nerf guns for the kids to use. Everyone seemed to have a great time.
week 24-12 week 24-11 week 24-10
Our week ended with the class Valentine’s Party. Thanks to all of the parents who helped organize a great party for the class. Special thanks to Mrs. Halverson for organizing the party for us.
week 24-25 week 24-24 week 24-23 week 24-17 week 24-20 week 24-22 week 24-19

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind words regarding my dad’s passing. You and your children have all been very thoughtful and I very much appreciate it. 

~ Mrs. Steinbeck