Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 21 Review and Photos

I seriously can’t believe how fast January is going by, it is really crazy. This week was another good one. We didn’t have school on Monday, so the long weekend was nice. And on Tuesday Ms. Hahn had to stay home with a sick child, so it was just me and your kids. It seems to me that we all came out of that just fine! They actually were very well behaved for me and I told them how much I appreciated it.

This week I didn’t take too many pictures and I apologize for that, I’ll make sure to get more next week. I did make sure to get pictures of the kids playing outside. I am so impressed by what the kids find to do outside in the snow. The snow we have is so icy and kind of cruddy, but everyday they figure out a way to have fun with it. Whether racing around in it, sliding on it, or (and I think this was the coolest) mining it, they just had the best time.
week 21-3 week 21-2 week 21-13 week 21-12 week 21-11 week 21-1

This past Wednesday was Farm to Table and it was so good. They made a cabbage soup, a delicious salad with eggs and cheese, baguettes, and fruit. It was nice to see the parents who were able to come by and eat with their students. I highly suggest signing up for one of the remaining ones if it is ever possible for you to visit on a Wednesday.
week 21-4 week 21-5
One day this week in PE the kids played scooter soccer. This game looked like so much fun. They basically wheel around on the little scooters chasing after these giant light tennis balls. Then they throw the balls into the goals trying to keep them away from the goalie. I think everyone enjoyed playing that game.
week 21-9 week 21-8 week 21-7
 Then the last thing we did this week was have a great pizza party! We told the kids when we started using Hawks Tickets instead of our clip chart system that they would earn a pizza party when the class total hit 2,500 Hawks Tickets. So as of last Friday they had made it and I promised to order a bunch of pizza. Friday, at lunch,  we had four giant pizzas delivered. It was truly astonishing to see how quickly fourth graders can demolish four pizzas. I totally forgot to take pictures of them and the pizza, but trust me it went by so fast! Just to reiterate, they earned 2,500 tickets. So 2,500 tickets divided by 15 weeks divided by 24 students you get about 7 Hawk’s Tickets per week per kid! We are so proud of how they all put in the extra effort to earn these tickets. We will probably do another contest between now and the end of the year, but I’m not sure if it will be another pizza party or something else, we will discuss it with them soon.

Oh, goodness! It just occurred to me that I didn’t mention any of the actual school work the kids did, so look for Ms. Hahn’s newsletter to tell you about all that important stuff!

Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck