Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 2 Review and Photos

I can’t believe that two weeks have school are already completed. It’s going by very quickly. This week we started to get a little more into the flow of things in Ms. Hahn’s class. A lot of time was spent reading and writing, as well as a focus on science. In particular we have begun working with magnets. Ask your kids about the different science experiments they have been doing. They are using the scientific method to make hypotheses and working in groups to prove or disprove them.

This week we also ventured outside for Phenology. This is where the students pick a flower, a tree, and a shrub and write about how they change over the course of the school year. It’s so wonderful to hear what the kids are writing (they should be working on using descriptive words to describe the changes) and to look at their beautiful pictures. Many are becoming great artists. We also had the chance to pick our squash from the gardens we planted last spring. These will be used in an upcoming Farm to Table lunch.

Just as a reminder, there are a lot of great clubs and programs your child can participate in, here is the link to their sign-up sheets. I would love to see the students join a club or two, especially Photography Club!

As usual, I grabbed my camera a few times this week and got some pictures of the kids working hard. Have a great week!

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