Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 19 Review and Photos

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing winter break. It really didn’t seem like the kids had missed a beat. They all eagerly (OK, maybe not eagerly) jumped right back into the school routine. As usual we had a good combination of learning new things, getting practice on old things, and having fun.
Early in the week we had a Green Assembly in the gym. For this month we are tasked with limiting our paper use. One way we agreed to to this was to eliminate the math packet this week and let the kids go onto a variety of websites that have math games. They can also play games with decks of cards. When you are working on things at home try to use the backsides of paper or envelopes to eliminate your paper usage as well.
Week 19-2Week 19-3
Ms. Hahn had a team meeting on Wednesday so it was just me and the kids. We went to the computer lab to do typing web and went outside to do Phenology. It really is a mild winter as we were outside for about 30 minutes and nobody complained of being cold.
Week 19-5Week 19-9 Week 19-8 Week 19-7 Week 19-6
Fourth graders are learning about colonial America in social studies, and this week was focused on Roanoke and the mysteries surrounding that settlement. Ask your kids about it, they seemed fascinated.
On Friday we had a great time at recess. All of the kids have been building big snow chunk structures so they had a great time digging them up and then building. They get a little frustrated when the younger kids have recess later and take them apart or move them, but all’s fair in winter recess. Then at lunch we had part of Ms. Kroll’s class in our room so instead of reading I decided to play some music. It was then that I showed off my dancing skills (they really are extraordinary)! I hope they all enjoy those types of days, I know I do. 
Week 19-10Week 19-11 Week 19-12 Week 19-1
This may sound strange, but the best thing that happened this week was that our coat hooks were installed. Earlier in the school year our grade band asked if we could get hooks in the hallway for the kids coats. Their lockers get so crowded with nature bags, coats, snow pants, backpacks, binders, etc. that it was becoming a real mess. So Nick and Bill put up hooks. Now the kids come in and they hang up snow pants and coats in the hall. This also helps keep the room dry too.Week 19-4

So that is pretty much the highlights for the past week. Enjoy!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck