Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 12 Review and Photos

Well this was not an ordinary week for our class. First off, the weather was spectacular for early November. We spent a fair amount of time outside. We even had some kids in shorts this week. On Tuesday it was so nice that eating lunch outside seemed like a great idea, so we did. I believe everyone enjoyed our impromptu picnic. Tuesday was also the day of the Green Assembly and our own Natalie was highlighted as the only kid in our class to be trash free for the entire month of October. Many kids came so close, but didn’t quite get there. However, we can truly help the school and the community if everyone can try to be as trash free as possible. This months Green Assembly topic is “recycling your stuff”, so please begin collecting things that we can use at the Holiday Bazaar – collections will begin soon.

2015-11-03 12.12.13 2015-11-02 11.47.49-1 2015-11-03 12.11.47 2015-11-03 12.11.15-1 2015-11-03 12.12.46 2015-11-03 12.12.27 2015-11-02 11.47.51-1

The fourth graders also worked hard this week. They really had to focus and get their Explorer reports completed. The final report is a Google Doc, so they spent a lot of time on the computers (in the lab and on the Chromebooks).2015-11-05 11.23.232015-11-03 14.07.33 They also answered questions about the book they are reading in a Google Doc. Here some students are reading the assigned chapters while in the computer lab.

The biggest news of the week though, was the delivery of our new furniture. The kids were very excited to try it out. It is much more modern looking and gives the kids a bit more space to spread out. The chairs were designed to provide a bit of “bounce” so that kids can feel free to wriggle around in them. You can see them for yourself if you can come in and volunteer one day, or at conferences later this month.

2015-11-06 07.55.40 2015-11-06 07.56.17 2015-11-06 07.58.05

So that’s about it for week 12 in Ms. Hahn’s Fourth grade class. Let’s hope the weather stays mild for week 13!

P.S. I know these posts are about your kids, but if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to brag about one of my own. This weekend my family traveled down to Peoria to watch Grayslake Central High School compete in the State Cross Country Championships. I’m proud to say that GCHS boys won the whole thing! My son Ben is a junior and a member of the team. 2015-11-07 13.48.19 HDR-2It was so exciting for the kids. The girls team placed 9th, which was the highest they have ever finished! This is the first team in the history of GCHS to win a state title in any sport. Just as an FYI many of the cross country runners at the high school went to Prairie Crossing Charter School (Ben did), so it was a fantastic day for our alumni!