Mrs. Steinbeck’s Week 1 Update and Photos

Wow! The children in Ms. Hahn’s class have grown so much over the summer! Some are taller and some just look older. We had a great first week of school. This year we have quite a few new faces so we played some getting to know you type games early in the week. Ms. Hahn and I took the kids on a tour of the school grounds and that seemed to help everyone become more comfortable. We also went on two different hikes in search of our Magic/Solo spots. For those of you new to the school, each week we hike to the same location and the students sit in the natural environment and write a journal entry. Then they draw pictures of what they are seeing. The point is to become closer to nature and appreciate all of the subtle changes that occur outside over time.

We played a heated game of Math Jeopardy just to review some concepts covered in third grade, everyone seemed to like that a lot. We also Saved Fred (ask your student) in a science lesson introducing the Scientific Method. The students got to meet the new Music teacher and had each special class at least once during the week.

Returning parents know this, but I love to take pictures. So I will try to post pictures of what we are doing every week. So I hope you stop back often and take a look. I will have a few attached to these posts, but a lot more pictures will be under the Gallery tab. If you ever see one of your child that you really like, feel free to download it and if you would like a higher resolution copy of it, just send me a note and I’ll get it to you.

If your student is interested in Photography, please have them talk to me as I run an after school club called the Photography Club and I would love them to join me.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Steinbeck

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