Mrs. Steinbeck’s Last Weekly Review and Photos

Well, we’ve made it to the last week of the school year. I know all of the kids, and teachers too, are ready for summer break. So here is a quick recap of ┬álast week. I will not be posting a blog entry next week, but I will probably upload my photos from the week, so you take a take a look at them.

This was actually a very busy week. We got to see our kindergarten book buddies practice for the annual metamorphosis play. They did a great job and our kids were very supportive of their performance. In preparation of this weeks Lewis and Clark immersion day, we played a fun game of Lewis and Clark Jeopardy. Everyone really got into the game. This was very useful as we took the unit test for Lewis and Clark this week as well. The kids also spent time during social studies making items that will be traded with the Native Americans at the immersion day.
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Field day was this week as well. It was a very hot day, but we brought along water bottles and some extra water for everyone. The kids seemed to have a great time as they ventured from one game to the next.
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Friday was fun because we went on a hike to our quiet spot at the willow trees. We hadn’t been there in awhile so it was great to get back there. On our way we had the opportunity to stop by Grant’s house. He and his family live along the trails that we take and his mom invited us to stop by. She showed us around her beautiful yard and gardens. She has a neat water feature which is home to a large number of toads, a plethora of native plants, and even some native plants that are quite invasive. The kids had fun picking these bamboo like plants because she showed us how to make whistles out of them. Mrs. Profenna also showed us these apple trees around her house. Although they are dead, they were trained to crawl up the house, so they are very interesting shapes. She also had a huge paper wasps nest that she let us see as well – don’t worry it is an older nest, so it is no longer home to any wasps. Not only did she let us see her yard, but she also provided us with watermelon, grapes, muffins, and lemonade. Thank you so much Mrs. Profenna for your wonderful hospitality! It was very much appreciated by the students and the teachers!
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Before I head off to summer vacation I wanted to thank you for all being such great parents. You have raised some very nice young people and I truly believe their futures are bright. While I will miss them all next year, I can assure you that they are ready for what awaits them in the Carson Building. Next year might be a bit of a challenge at first for some, but they will figure it out. I encourage you to let them grow a bit and make them try things for themselves before jumping in to help them. It is so much more rewarding for both kids and parents.

Everyone of them is welcome to stop by and visit anytime they like and I will be sure to give them a big hug when I see them on campus. Even though I won’t see them everyday, I’ll be keeping tabs on them. Of course, it helps that my own son will be right there with them! It has been a true privilege to help teach your kids, they will hold a special place in my heart as they are my first group to teach. Have a safe and fun summer! Make sure to get the kids outside!

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. – John Muir

~ Mrs. Steinbeck