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Mr. Barber’s February 3rd Blog Post

Good afternoon!

Our classroom had a wonderful January and a great start to February. Martenitsa is a Bulgarian holiday centered around the coming of spring. Starting March 1st you wear a martenitsi, a red and white bracelet. It is worn to ward off Baba Marta, a personification of the back and forth between spring and winter. It is worn until you see a sign of spring such as migrating animals or budding plants. Once you see a sign of spring you take off our martenitsi and hang it on a branch. During the school celebration, grade bands will begin with a presentation by guest speakers in Muir Hall and then each class will craft their own martenitsi to wear while they search for phenological changes with their teachers during Environmental Education. The weather is going to continue to be below 32 degree for the next two weeks. Please have your students bring weather appropriate clothing to school.

Robert Crown permission slip forms are due Feb 10!

PBIS permission forms were sent home today. Please return them for your student to participate in the PBIS celebration.

Upcoming Events:
February 7th- Green team assembly
February 10th- Jump rope for heart assembly
February 15th- Farm to table

One of the students, Caden Wittwer, has written a classroom blog to explain all the activities that occurred in January.

Class Blog

Recently, in Mr. Barber’s class we researched a National Park, then made a google slides on them and presented it to the class. This was a fun thing to do because we worked in groups, got to customize the presentation and the best part of it was presenting it. Right now in Literature Circles we are making an alternate ending or the first chapter of a sequel to the book we read. This is fun because we can make a chapter on how we want the book to end or a new one to start. In January, we had the school spelling bee that lasted almost to lunch and recess. It was exciting because they only had one word left! Even though it took a long time Beckett emerged victorious. I liked the spelling bee at the end because it was intense and Beckett and Omar kept going back and forth. On the last day of January we had book buddies and read in the dark for January’s green challenge which was to save energy! I thought this was a cool thing to do with the kindergarteners because it was a good learning experience. On February 11th after school some students will be doing a fairy garden where they get a small cup or plant, then they plant you guessed a garden then students can decorate it to how they desire. Then on the 24th of February it’s the end of the second trimester meaning report cards go home! On the 17th of February its teacher in-service meaning no school! On the 20th of February its president’s day meaning you have a four day weekend!- Caden Wittwer