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March 15 Newsletter

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter 

March 15, 2021




Students should be practicing their spelling words every night. By the end of week, students should have written their spelling words in sentences. This week we are doing Sort 32.




During reading, students are reading chapter books or short stories and answering questions. It is a good idea to have your child reread the passage or chapter. This will help with reading comprehension.




The students used last week to revise their fractured fairy tales. They added sounds, adjectives, and other details. Ms. Rompella helped the class learn the importance of revising when writing. Next week, the students will do some short writing assignments. On Thursday this week Ms. Rompella will be in zoom to celebrate the finalization of our fairy tales.




In math, the students are continuing to learn more about multiplication and division. We discussed how you can use fact families to solve problems. They also drew pictures that matched the problem. Next week students will learn more about the area of rectangles.  Students will need one-inch paper squares for math at home this week. 




This past week the students reviewed multiplication and division for Unit 5. It is important that students continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home. This week we will begin Unit 6 about geometry.

Wednesday 2:20

This week we will use this time for a teacher supported study hall.

Naomi Lessons

This past week Naomi taught the class about phenology. On Monday the group saw Lake Leopold was covered 95 % in ice. The group on Thursday did not see any ice. This coming week the students will be planting radishes at home or at school.

Upcoming Dates


  • March 22nd, 2021 – March 26th Spring Break
  • April 2nd, 2021- Materials Pick-Up (Track B/Remote) & April 5th (Track A)


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