January 10, 2016 Newsletter

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

January 10, 2016


At the beginning of this week the students reviewed multi-digit multiplication and division.  The second half of the week we began our fraction unit.  The students make fractions with strips of paper that they used to find equivalent fractions.  On Friday the students started using the website http://www.visualfractions.com/.  I recommend having the students explore the website and try the different games.  This coming week we will continue learning about fractions.


This week the students learned about summaries of fiction books.  The students wrote a summary of a book they read during reading.  The students also learned that when you describe the setting, you must describe the location and time.  Next week the students will learn about summarizing non-fiction books.  In the next few weeks all students will be tested on their reading level using Fountas and Pinnell testing.  I listen to each student read and then ask them comprehension questions.


This week the students learned about the Akashi Kaikyō bridge in Japan.  After reading an article the students decided if the bridge was worth it.  The students wrote a short opinion piece using their graphic organizer.  Next week the students will write another opinion writing  piece.

Social Studies

Learning about the mystery of the colony of Roanoke was our  focus for social studies this week.  The students loved to think about what might have happened to the colonist.  The students realized that the colonist made many mistakes when settling in a new area.  Next week the students will learn about Jamestown and Plymouth.  

Green Challenge  

This month our green challenge is about saving paper.  We will be monitoring our paper use in the classroom and finding ways to use less paper.  Here are some ways you might be able to save paper.

  • Use both sides, always, and fill those papers up!
  • Buy recycled paper products whenever possible
  • Re-use paper in creative ways – newspapers can become wrapping paper, magazines can become beads, etc.
  • Use handkerchiefs instead of Kleenexes
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones, reusable dishes instead of paper ones, and re-usable lunch boxes instead of paper bags
  • Bring your own bags to the grocery store (choosing plastic does reduce paper, but isn’t really with the spirit of the thing… and we have a major anti-plastic-bag project going on at school right now!)
  • Use rags/cloths instead of paper towels for general cleaning


Remember students go outside if the temperature with windchill is above 0 degrees.  Students can keep extra clothes in their lockers.  

Bedtime Math

Mrs. Larson shared this math resource with us earlier this week.  Research has shown that reading Bedtime Math Stories can improve math performance.  Here is a link to the article and the Bedtime Math website.



Upcoming Dates

January 15- Early Release

January 18- No School  

January 20- Farm To Table

January 26- Board Meeting

January 28- Lottery Open House