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Hahn Newsletter October 3, 2021

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter 

October 3, 2021



For the past two weeks, we have been learning about character traits and starting to read some Greek Myths. The students are also learning about allusions. Next week we will continue learning more about allusions including Greek Myth allusions.




The students have completed their first realistic fiction story and began a second story. The students first developed characters for the story. Then they planned out the story using a story mountain. Next week students will revise and edit their stories. The challenge for many students is to find ways to add details and expand on their ideas. We will continue to work on that this coming week.




In math, students began unit 2 about multi-digit multiplication and division. Students are learning to break apart larger multiplication problems into smaller ones. This coming week they will be making ratio tables and solving word problems.


Social Studies and Nature Time


In social studies, the students have decided on a business plan that includes making and canning applesauce. We are working on the supplies we need for our business. Students have realized that we will need to ask the school for a loan for the money, but we are not sure how much money we will need.


During our nature time, we were able to observe the changes in the plants and trees. It was interesting to find a silver maple tree that has a lot of red leaves on the top. 


Field Trip


We had our first field trip of the year and the first one in almost two years for the school. The students got to learn more about how apples are grown. We got to go in the apple maze and then pick 5 apples. It was hot, but the kids had a great time.


Crew Meeting/ Class Meetings


We have 2 short class meetings almost every day. Sometimes I read books that teach social skills. Also during these meetings, we share things that make us happy or sad. I also ask if there is something happening in the class that they want to share.  There have been some times in the past few weeks that students are sharing times that they don’t feel respected. We have had difficulty with unkind words being said and hands not kept to themselves. Overall, our class shares things that are going well and shares that things are improving in our class culture.



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Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, October 7, 2021 – Early Release 2 – 4 PM
  • Friday, October 8, 2021-Teacher In-Service Student Non-Attendance Day 
  • Monday, October 11, 2021-Columbus Day-No School 


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