Exciting Things Happened in Ms. Hahn’s Class

I haven’t uploaded any new photos for awhile and thought it was time. We have been doing so many great things in Ms. Hahn’s class these past few weeks and I wanted to share some photos with all of you. So here is a collection of images from Taste of the World, Magic Spots (once when it was cold, once when it was hot), watering our vegetables in the cold frames, and watching and learning about a prescribed prairie burn. Oh, yeah, a few pictures from indoor recess and one from outdoor recess too!

Look for more pictures of Earth Week next week

~Mrs. Steinbeck ~

taste of the world-2 taste of the world-1 prairie burn-4 prairie burn-3 prairie burn-2 magic spots april 17-2 magic spots april 17-1 magic spots april 10-2 magic spots april 10-1 gardening-2 indoor recess-1 dress up mrs steinbeck-1