Earthkeepers Story

Today the class worked together to write this paragraph.  The students can use this sensory story for their Earthkeepers.  The students should have props to help enhance the story.  Then the students should write a paragraph about telling the story and the props they used.


At Lake Leopold I can see gray, transparent water, green plants, and green and brown ducks paddling in the pond.  I hear annoying seagulls squawking across the blue sky.  Bending down, I sniff the lovely aroma of the flowers.  I reach out and feel the thick grass in between my fingers.  Then I feel something as if it is an insect.  It is rough and hard.  Its scarlet shells glistens in the sun.  The ickiness of a dead fish is reaching my nose.  I move a few steps and then the fresh water smells marvelous.