Earthkeepers Field Trip


September 13, 2016


Dear Parents,


Your 3rd or 4th grade student will soon be taking part in the Earthkeepers program!


Earthkeepers is designed to teach four basic ecological concepts – the flow of energy, the cycling of materials, the interrelating of life, and change over time – and to immerse students in the natural world.  Through completion of the Earthkeepers program, students realize that every person has an effect on the world around them and that we can make a positive impact on the earth by thinking about the ways in which we use energy and materials.  


The Earthkeepers program involves three intensive days.  The first two days will be completed off-site at Lockhart Nature Center in Lake Forest, IL .on September 28-29.  The third day will

take place within a few days of going to the nature center..  In addition, Earthkeepers involves classroom follow-up.  Students complete nearly half of the Earthkeepers program in school in the weeks or months following the initial three-day experience.  


The cost of the Earthkeepers program includes busing to Lake Forest for two days, facility/site rental, and consumable supplies that the students use during the program.  Earthkeepers will cost $27.00 per student.  Please remit these funds to your student’s classroom teacher by  September 22nd.


At Earthkeepers, we will be outdoors most of the day, so please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.  Watch a forecast and be prepared for rain and hot or cold temperatures!  In addition, students should wear sturdy shoes and “grubby” clothes that can get dirty if need be.  


Earthkeepers is a fun and exciting three days, and we look forward to learning a lot, making discoveries, and earning our Earthkeeper keys.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.




Naomi Dietzel Hershiser

Cynthia McGovern

Lynn Hahn


September 13 , 2016         

Dear Parents:

This year the students will do doing Earthkeepers as part of our curriculum.


These lessons will be done over 2 consecutive days, September 28-29, at The Lockhart Nature Center in Lake Forest, with additional follow-up lessons at PCCS.


The bus will be leaving at 8:15am and we are expected to be back in time for carpool.

Cost for this trip will be $27.00


Money for this trip is due no later than Thursday, September 22.

Students need to bring a non-microwaveable lunch for both days since we will be eating at the location.

Thank you,

Mrs McGovern

Ms. Hahn



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