Earth Week Mystery – Prize

I’m not sure that everyone checks out our webpage, so I would like to reward those students who either take a look or have a parent who does. 

Please have your child come to Ms. Hahn or Mrs. Steinbeck sometime during Earth Week and tell us who the founder of Earth Day was and what state they were from.

Answer: Senator Gaylord Nelson, Wisconsin 

Everyday I am giving them hints to take a look at the website, so hopefully by the end of the week a few put it together. 

Those students who can provide the information to us will get a trip to the prize box.

If you are reading this, thank you very much. We feel this is an extension of the class and hope it is useful to you! Please take a look around the website while you are here. I’ve posted hundreds of images over the year and Ms. Hahn has a ton of useful information.

~ Mrs. Steinbeck