Dress Code

Student Dress Code

While PCCS recognizes that each student has the right to freedom of expression, the purpose of the student dress code is to contribute in a positive way to the daily school environment.

If a student is not properly attired for the day’s activity, safety will be put first and they may not be permitted to participate in a scheduled activity. As a reminder at PCCS, students should dress appropriately for the weather and expect to go outside on a daily basis. We also recognize that certain activities require suitable clothing and modifications may be made as activities warrant.

The expectation is that students and staff dress appropriately for a school setting. The following guidelines will be required while on school property, or at a school- related activity.


Students shall:

  1. Show proper attention to personal cleanliness, neatness, and standards of dress for school;
  2. Wear clothing that is close to mid-thigh (teacher determined);
  3. Wear appropriate shoes for the day’s activity;
  4. Wear only clothing appropriate for indoors (no coats, jackets, hats gloves etc.)
  5. Remove sweatbands, caps, bandanas or any accessory made of bandana material, and sunglasses (without medical consent);
  6. Wear see through garments only if worn over something that appropriately covers all exposed areas;


The Teacher and/or the Dean will make the final judgment of what is considered questionable and/or inappropriate. Students are encouraged to ask questions to their teachers and will not be reprimanded or penalized in any way for such inquiries.


The first time a student wears unacceptable clothing (Items 1 through 6 above), the student may be asked to turn the garment inside out, change into a different article of clothing, or do whatever is necessary to provide a safe learning environment free from disruption. The second and subsequent times a student wears unacceptable clothing, the student may be asked to call home and arrange for a parent to bring alternate clothing. When a student chooses not to comply or a call to parents is unsuccessful, the student may be removed from class and an office referral (including appropriate associated consequences) may be completed.  


Students will not wear any of the following:

  1. Revealing tops (such as halter-tops, muscle shirts, low cut tops, tube tops, spaghetti tops, mesh tops, backless tops, crop tops);
  2. Wearing trousers or jeans which sag so that the top of the trousers or jeans are significantly below the waist;
  3. Leggings, Yoga Pants or similar styles of leisure wear-unless covered by another garment;
  4. Any apparel that shows bare midriff;
  5. Garments with large sleeveless openings;
  6. Clothing that advertises tobacco, alcohol products, refers to drugs, or supports violence or hatred;
  7. Clothing with questionable sayings or references to sexual activity, violence, profanity, or racial contexts.