Barber – 6th Grade Math Resources


This post includes some available math resources to help students and parents alike in their progression through our 6th grade math curriculum.  If you have any questions about the links please do not hestitate to ask.

CMP3  Grade 6 – Connected Mathematics Project (Michigan State University)

This website is a great resource and provides explanations, examples, and math background for each unit within the CMP3 textbook.  I would highly recommend taking a look at this page for support with understanding concepts.

* CMP3 Annotated Book

This link provides an annotated version of the textbook used in class.  It highlights the concepts, goals, and unit outline that guides our class.  It does not include any of the math problems from class.  This is a good resource for understanding the format and goals of our investigations and units.

* myMath Universe – CMP3

This website provides videos and games to supplement concepts found in our textbook.  The site does not have a full range of content yet, but it does provide additional tools to review and practice different concepts.