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April 26, 2020

Dear families,
Last week we enjoyed a great Earth Week even through E-Learning.  It was great to see all the pictures from the week and hear how your family was able to enjoy nature.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, and we can safely enjoy going outside this week too.
Next week the students will begin using Kami to complete math and reading assignments.  This is a Chrome extension that Mrs. Steinbeck sent information about a few days ago. Students can use text boxes, touch screens, add comments, and add videos to assignments.  I hope using this app will make it easier for the students in the long run.
Spelling will continue next week for the majority of the students.  When we were not doing E-Learning most students enjoyed the spelling routines.  It was great to see how almost every student completed the spelling work on time.
In social studies, we will be learning about the states in the west.  The students will be learning the names of the states and capitals on Monday. During the week, there will also be assignments about the animals and plants in the west.
In math, we have completed Unit 6.  Next week we will be doing some review pages and then begin working on Unit 7.  Unit 7 is about fractions.  I have attached the math newsletter for Unit 7, but Unit 7 will be a little different due to E-learning. The math pages will be completed using Kami.
In reading, the students learned about thinking voice and reading voice.  Please encourage your child to continue to use a thinking voice while reading.  Next week we will begin learning about poetry in reading and writing.
I encourage all students to attend the 10:30 Zoom meetings.  We plan to have a specials teacher join us most days.  Mrs. Naomi Hershiser also joins us about once a week for environmental lessons.
Mrs. Steinbeck and I are available every E-Learning day at 1:30 to help students with assignments.  If your child does not understand an assignment, please ask them to join us for Zoom meetings at 1:30.
The specials teachers are also available for help and support.  Please email them if you have a question about the assignments.
Please check out the school calendar because it has been updated for E-Learning.  As previously planned, there will be no E-Learning this Wednesday.  In the future, there are some early release Wednesdays and some Wednesdays that do not have E-Learning.
I want to thank you again for your support during E-Learning.  Mrs. Steinbeck and I appreciate all the help you give your child during this time.  This is not an easy time, but we can do this together.
Ms. Hahn
4th Grade Teacher