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10/21 Classroom Update

10/21 Classroom Update

Hello PCCS families! It has been an exciting month of October here at Prairie Crossing and this blog post will hopefully help recap what we have done so far! Below are some important messages written by our students that should provide plenty of important information and fun stories from the month of October.  Enjoy!

Halloween is Coming Up!

We are having a Halloween party and we need some parent volunteers! The Halloween Party is on Monday, October 31st. The party will start at 2:15pm. The 5th/6th grade parties are celebrated together with all four classrooms.  Ms. Turner’s room will be food, Mrs. Neil’s room music and dance, Mr. Barber’s games and crafts and Mr. Hershiser’s movie room.  (The Boxtrolls)  When you take a look at the volunteer sign up please note the document is shared across all 4 classrooms and you can volunteer in any room or to send in any items.   Please remember to avoid nuts in all food items. If you would like to volunteer to either bring food or volunteer your time at the party it would be appreciated. Volunteer Sign up

We are asking each student to bring in a recycled glass jar if they would like to make a Halloween lantern craft.  Also please remember to send in plates, and utensils on the day of the party.

Costumes are optional and students can change into them just prior to the party. Please make sure to follow the school rules regarding costumes.

Rules for costumes:
No excessive violence depicted by the costume
No face masks or hoods which render students unrecognizable
No “Creepy Clown” masks or “Creepy Clown” face paint
No Weapons of any kind, real or toy.


Sports, Sports, Sports!

On Monday the 17th, a big soccer game between the Teachers and Students took place. Mr.Barber scores the FIRST GOAL, but the kids came back with a snappy comeback and scored their first goal. Mr. Loustaunau, our gym teacher scored another GOAL!!!!!  Again the teachers (Mr. Smith) scored another goal, the kids are getting scared. Will they lose or will they win? The kids are stepping up their game they scored 2 times. The teachers are not letting them score again. The game ended in a tie. Good game, teachers and students!

What’s Going on in School

In ELA (English Language Arts) we have just finished the book Esperanza Rising, and we are now working on our  5 paragraph essay that explains how she changed in the book from beginning to end. In SS (Social Studies), we are learning about the candidates and the elections that will be happening very soon. Upcoming in S.S., we are going to have an election for a name for the gym. How it will work is we will have the 5th and 6th grade band deciding the names. Each class will have one candidate they nominate to the school and then the whole  school will vote on it. All of the names of the people are environmentalists or people who have something to do with nature or fitness because we are an environmental school.  


Brendan says,” It’s pretty fun learning about the electoral college. It’s pretty cool that we get to name the gym. Esperanza Rising was an okay book.  I like being in Storybird for RTI because it’s really fun. I like basketball it’s pretty fun I am learning lots of new things. I like the Pathfinders club because it’s super fun like Robotics club because we learn a lot. I want to join Magic the Gathering club because it looks so fun.”

Ty says, “Mr. Barber is doing a good job with naming the building for SS. I am glad we finished the book Esperanza Rising and I am sorta liking the final essay for it. I think that Mr. Hurwitz, the astronomy teacher, is doing a good job.

Sophie says, “I think that RTI is very fun and probably my favorite part of this year because she gets to learn ukulele.”