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World Water Day!

World Water Day!

This last Thursday, March 22, 2018 was World Water Day.  This is a day where people all around the world take time to learn about the importance of water, the water cycle, and the how and why we should conserve water.

We had several different activities scattered throughout the day.  We started by looking at several different facts about water usage around the world.  For example, we learned the average American uses 100 gallons a day, the average person in Europe uses 50 gallons a day, and some people in sub-Saharan Africa only use 2 to 5 gallons a day.

We had a Go-Noodle from Blazer Fresh that taught us about the water cycle.  We learned how water evaporates, gathers together, turns into clouds, and falls back down to the earth.

For our pause time, we watched a video about Ayesha.  She is a 13 year old girl from the northern part of Ethiopia who travels 8 hours a day in order to get water for her family.  We discovered this made it so she could not play, go to school, or a lot of things we do during our day.

Finally, we took the rest of the day to learn more about water and water conservation.  We read the book All the Water in the World first.  This let us know a little bit more about the water cycle, but it also let us know that “All the water in the world…is all the water in the world.”  This helped us understand why it is so important to conserve water.  We brainstormed ways we could do this at home and at school.   We are working on signs to remind us about this, too!

A water usage data sheet should have come home on Thursday.  If it did not, click HERE to print off a new one.  We are going to use this data as a jumping off point for  a discussion the week we come back from spring break.