Word Study–Greek and Latin Roots

In word study we are working on Greek and Latin roots.  I wanted the students to focus on vocabulary rather than spelling in order to help them improve their reading and writing.  The word study schedule is as follows:

Monday–Receive new root word list (10 words); Fill out graphic organizer (word, using the word in a sentence, drawing a picture that helps remind the student what the word means)

Tuesday–Go over graphic organizer; Vocabulary Word Sort competition with a partner (words/definitions); play a game using vocabulary words for the week

Wednesday–Write a creative story using all 10 vocabulary words for the week

Thursday–Play “I have, Who Has” to review vocabulary words; take vocabulary quiz

Every odd week the quiz is over the 10 vocabulary words for the week.  Every even week the quiz is over the vocabulary words for the week and the vocabulary words from the previous week.  This allows the students to have exposure to the words more than once.  The word study schedule may change due to days off, such as having this Monday off.  In this case the schedule will be Tuesday-Friday and everything will be pushed back a day.  So far we’ve covered the roots “man”, meaning hand and “ped”, meaning foot.