Winter is Here!

Even if we don’t want to accept it we all have to agree to the conclusion that the cold weather is here.  The temps are below 32 and Snow is on the ground.  Parents please be sure to send your child ready to go outside.  Prairie Crossing Charter School is an environmental school and students will be outside just about every single day.

A student who is not prepared to go outside will miss out on recess and more.  For instance today my classroom took hike during EE to look for tracks and to ramble across snow covered prairies.  The activity was fun and eventful.  i want all students to be able to participate, but students who are not dressed for the weather cannot go.  I cannot and will not risk their safety and health.  Which then means they are losing out on memorable educational experiences.

Please make sure your child is prepared each and every day to be outside is just as important as having their homework!