What is the Daily 5? (continued)

In the last blog entry, we talked about what the Daily 5 is and the philosophy behind it’s implementation.  We also took a look at the three options that deal mainly with reading – Read to Self, Read to Someone, and Listen to Reading.

Today we are going to look at the final two options:

  1. Word Work – This is really a hybrid option.  It deals not only with reading, but writing as well.  This is especially true with the way we are setting it up this year.  We are working in three main areas:
    • Handwriting – the students can work on the handwriting assignment for the week.  We go over the basic formation of the letters on Monday and then let them practice during the week.
    • Word Sorts – the students are able to do different activities with their word sorts during this time, as well.  Starting next week, the students will have word sort groups that we will see at different times of the day.  Once we have gone over the sorts, they will have a menu of activities they will be able to chose from to practice with during the word work option.  We will be learning more about those activities next week.
    • Words of the Week – the students will be working on different activities that deal with the different sight words they are learning in class.  You will start seeing some of these pages coming home in next week’s Friday Folder.
  2. Work on Writing – This option is really just what it seems.  The students spend their time writing.  Usually during this time the students can work on whatever type of book or writing they would like to do.  Many times they chose to write different stories they cannot fit into the theme of what is being taught in Writing Workshop.

To keep track of all of this, the students have been given an Daily 5 Folder and a Daily 5 Log Sheet – much like the math folders they have already been using.  These will be worked into the equation in the next couple of weeks!