Welcome to PCCS Kindergarten

Welcome to PCCS Kindergarten!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

       I was very happy to meet and greet many of you at the Picnic last week.

Kindergarten is a special fun-filled time for children with new things happening every day.


I will be emailing newsletters and posting on our website

(School Website:     Website:  prairecrossingcharterschool.org )

important information as well as a summary of what is happening in our classroom. Please read and discuss with your child.

Look each day in your child’s backpack and check the take-home folder, (plastic envelope with Velcro fastener) for IMPORTANT communication from the school and students’ work from the classroom. Please put any important things for teacher or office in the take-home folder.  We will be checking it each morning.

We are requesting parents to LABEL all clothing items, boots, shoes and things coming into the classroom. It is important that these items are labeled. Often the children have identical clothing.

We will be going outdoors in all weather, even rain and snow. Please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing for all kinds of weather, including boots, raincoat or poncho, warm jackets, gloves and hats. Since we are outside every day it is important that the children wear shoes that are appropriate for walking and hiking on the playground, trails and prairie. Sandals, flip-flops, crocs, open-backed shoes and shoes with wheels present many problems when the children are running or playing here at Prairie Crossing Charter School.

Here is a list of shoes your child needs for Kindergarten at PCCS:

  1. Wear to school shoes that have a rubber sole and are closed.  Velcro is helpful if your child cannot tie laces yet. Sneakers or a hiking shoes are good.  Shoes like Merrell or Lands End are waterproof.

  1. In the classroom your child needs a pair of Crocs.  These are worn when children wear rain boots or snow boots to school and need to wear something clean in the classroom. These need to be labeled and need to stay in their locker.

  1. Clean Velcro sneakers that are kept at the gym for Physical Education only.

When  your child loses a tooth  please send me a note and we will record it on our tooth calendar!

Snack is an important time in Kindergarten. By 10:30 AM everyone is very hungry.

Especially after all the playing, learning and recess the children are ready to eat at school. To help us keep our bodies and minds working, please send a healthy trash-free snack for your child each day. Please label the containers, cloth napkins and insulated lunch bags. We do have a microwave in class and food can be heated for your child. Please only one microwaveable item and mark how long it should go in the microwave, for example 30 seconds. Please send a water bottle every day. Some favorites in the past have been: carrots or other sliced vegetables with dip, whole wheat crackers, sliced cheese, applesauce or yogurt, fresh fruit, graham crackers, granola or cereal. Please eliminate sweets, cookies, cheetos, or candy. We will save healthy sweet snacks for holiday parties. Please don’t use plastic sandwich bags or juice boxes or juices in foil bags. These are not recyclable. Instead send your own juice or milk in steel or plastic containers. Also send a cloth napkin, NO paper napkins. When choosing snacks, check the bottom of the pudding and yogurt containers to make sure they are a recyclable 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Grayslake will not recycle 6, 7, 8, or 9 plastics. (If your child is in after school care, they will need additional food for lunch at 1:30 pm.)

**We do have peanut/tree nut allergies in the classroom so please tie a red ribbon around the handle of your child’s lunch bag if there are peanuts or tree nuts in the lunch bag. Your child will be asked to sit at a special peanut table.

My e-mail address is sberger@pccharterschool.org and please feel comfortable to communicate with me. If there is a more urgent need, I can also be reached or contacted at the Prairie Crossing Charter School office 847-543-9722.


The morning, drop off at the parking lot in front of the Kennicott Building (office).   Please let the parent greeters take your child out of the car and then your child will proceed down the stairs to Market Square to play. There is a teacher on duty from 7:40 am until 7:55 am. At 7:55 am, The Instructional Assistant or I will line up the Kindergarten class and bring them to the classroom. Children are not allowed in the buildings before 7:55 am.  At
8:00 am we begin class.  If you are late please check in at the office to sign in  tardy.

Each child has been designated a carpool number. Please help your child practice and remember this number.  Display hanging on your car rear view mirror.  If there are any changes to who will be picking up, email me as early as possible or in the case of last minute plans call the office.  (For Enrich Me students please email Mrs. Hoffman as well)

Pick up for Kindergarten only will be regularly at 1:00 pm in the Comstock parking lot (near the playground.) Please wait in a single carpool line and wait for a teacher to open the door.

EXCEPT on Early Release Days when the whole school will be dismissed at 1:00.  Prepare for additional time for the longer carpool line.

Please see the important information regarding children under 8 years old and car seats at this link.

Illinois Car Seat Laws

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your child.

Thank you for your cooperation and we are looking forward to a great year.

Mrs. Berger and Ms. Evensen