Welcome to Class :)

Dear parents,

It was so wonderful meeting so many of you this past Thursday. I am absolutely thrilled to have your student in my third/fourth grade class this year! This is my 6th year at PCCS and I am really excited about kicking off another great school year in the Comstock building. Attached to this email is a letter about picture day. Pictures will be on Tuesday, August 27th. 

Our classroom’s Instructional Assistant this year is Quinton Siegel. His email is qsiegel@pccharterschool.org. He is a graduate of PCCS and an asset to the classroom. 

Throughout the year you can contact me via email, a paper note, or by a note in the assignment notebook provided by the school. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Here is the link to my class site: https://prairiecrossingcharterschool.org/pccsteachers/ottaviani/

Here you will find my weekly newsletter. I will also send the newsletter via email. 

I wanted to inform you about some of our classroom procedures. 

  • All students will have an assignment notebook where assignments will be written daily.  An adult in the classroom will initial the page each day. Mr. Siegel and I will also use assignment notebooks for notes to parents/guardians on occasion.  I would like students to show assignment notebooks to their parents/guardians daily, and it would be wonderful if you could initial them at the bottom. Homework assignments will be written in your students assignment notebook and posted on my google  homework calendar


  • Students have daily homework to read for 15-20 minutes every night. This can be a book of their choice.  I do not have students complete a reading log, but I do expect all students to do their reading. Students can bring the book they are reading at home to read in the classroom if they would like. 


  • There may be supplies that need to be replenished throughout the school year.  Your child should have rain gear and extra clothes stored at school. I ask that students wear slippers or indoor shoes inside the classroom.   The shoes or boots the students wear outside are kept in the hallway during the day. This helps to keep the mud, dirt, and rocks out of the classroom after being outside.


  • Our class will have snack time in the morning.  Your child can bring a healthy, trash free, nut free snack daily.  All students should also bring a reusable water bottle. They can refill their water bottle as needed.  On early release days, students will be given time for a snack, but not lunch. You may send a larger snack on those days. There are two microwaves in the classroom that can be used during lunch.  I ask that students  Recess is at 11:10 and lunch is at 11:40 daily.


  • At PCCS we have students with nut allergies.  We have certain procedures that we follow to assure the safety of those with allergies.  In third/fourth grade, students are asked not to eat peanuts or nuts during snack. If your child brings something that has nuts or was processed with nuts, he/she should know so we can make sure we follow the peanut/nut procedure (included at the end of this email).


  • We have a special class everyday.  Special classes include PE, Art, Music, and Spanish.  Music and Spanish take place in our classroom. The students have PE outside and in the gym.  Art is located in the Kennicott building near the office. We also go outside for Solo Spots and Phenology once a week as well. Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather each day. 


I am Looking forward to partnering with you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, always.


Here’s to a wonderful school year!

Mrs. Ottaviani

Peanut/Nut Procedure

  • Prop the classroom door open from the beginning of the eating period.  The door will remain open from lunch until the children return from recess.
  • Determine who has food containing peanuts or nuts.  All children with peanuts or nuts will sit at one table.  An object denoting that the table is the peanut or nuts table will be placed on the table.  This object is used to denote special cleaning procedures for that table.
  • Children at the peanut or nut table must have a napkin or paper towel on the table.  Children cannot get out of their seats until they have finished eating unless it is an emergency.
  • As each child finishes eating, they should pack up their lunch so that it will be read to put away.  The child then raises his/her hand and the teacher, assistant, or helper takes the child to the sink to wash their hands.  The teacher, assistant, or helper will turn on the faucet, squirt the soap and hand the child a paper towel.
  • The child then goes and puts his/her lunch away.  The child will not sit back at the desk where they just ate until it has been properly cleaned.
  • The peanut or nut table will be cleaned with a cleaning solution.  The peanut or nut table will be washed with paper towels that then will be disposed of.  They are not to be used on any other table.
  • Information about allergies and emergency procedures will be posted in the classroom.

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