Welcome Back to a New Year

We are off to a great start.  The weather has been amazing and the students are doing such a great job this week.

In Math both groups A & B have been working on our introductory lessons to Ratios.  We have learned that a ratio is a relationship  between two amounts.  We have used tables and tape diagrams to find the missing part of a ratio problem.  We have also found equivalent ratios and reduced ratios into lowest terms.  We will continue working on ratios next week.

In Science we began by looking at the scientific process/ method.  Students worked on developing their own experiments.  We refined our ideas over the week.  Students may do the experiment at home for 10 extra credit points.  Students who choose to do so will need to fill out the Experiment Document on google classroom next week.

NWEA Math test is Wednesday of next week and ELA is Friday of next week.