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Welcome Back!

I would like to welcome all the families back to school and a brand new decade.  I hope that everyone’s break was wonderful and relaxing.

We have started many new units this week,  Math A has begun learning about positive numbers and negative numbers.  They have started by placing numbers on a number line both horizontal and vertical.  We will continue to work on this concept as we move on in this unit.  Additionally, we will focus on opposites, absolute values, and more.

Math B has begun working on Equations and Expressions,  We have started by learning the rules of addition and multiplication identities.  We have also begun working on exponents and how to solve them.  We have worked on combining terms.  Students have also done lessons with Khan academy and have lessons that they need to finish for homework this weekend.  The Khan academy lessons reinforce the lessons that we have learned in class or they introduce the ideas that we will be learning very soon.  The students took a quiz today over the standards that we

In Science we have started to learn about Earth Systems or Geology.  We started this week by watching a video and doing labs on the layers of the Earth.  Students were given access to study guides and took a quiz today over the the standards we learned this week.  Next week we will continue to learn about the layers of the earth but also start learning about tectonic plates.