Welcome Back!

I just wanted to welcome everyone back to another fantastic year at PCCS.  Our instructional assistant will be Ms. Marlette and we couldn’t be happier to have her in our classroom this year.  I’ve attached a welcome letter for the incoming 5th grade students as well as a blurb for my returning 6th grade students.

5th grade Parents:  Class Welcome Letter 2015-2016

6th grade Parents:  I feel like I got to know your students well last year in 5th grade and can’t wait to continue working with them as 6th graders.  We do have a new 6th grader joining us this year so that’s very exciting.  I know my fabulous 6th graders will make him feel welcome.  Also, I’m counting on my 6th graders to be role models for the incoming 5th graders.  It’s important to establish that classroom community early on in the school year.  I hope everyone has had a spectacular summer