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Week of March 5-9

Happy Friday! We had a wonderful time at Student-Led Conferences! Everyone worked hard on their portfolios, and seemed proud to show their work to family. We hope you are proud of them as well! When we weren’t preparing our portfolios, the students began to research a bit more about the 13 colonies. In the end, we are planning to write a chapter book about Colonial America. We have already written one chapter as a whole class, and are excited to write the rest! Our “town crier” has announced the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, and Townshend Act. We were JUST starting our new apprenticeships, but these acts are interfering with this right now. The 3rd and 4th graders have been journaling about how the acts are affecting them. In reading, we continue to read “Winter of Red Snow” and “Smooth Stones” in small groups. This is helping everyone understand what life was like during the Revolutionary War and colonial times. In math, the 4th graders completed their Unit 5 test. They did a great job! We also started our next unit, which dives deeper into division and multiplication strategies. Here is the parent letter for Unit 6:  Unit 6 letter.

Next week in math, we will continue work on division and multiplication. Some of these strategies look at area and perimeter, and relate these areas together. Next week, in writing, we will continue working on our chapter book for Colonial America. The 3rd and 4th graders will also continue reading their respective books, and having small group book discussions. In social studies, we will be finding out about the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Intolerable Acts. The students will journal about each event in their colonial journals.



3/14 (Wednesday) – ER – Teacher In-Service

3/16 (Friday) – 8th Grade Fun Fair (4:00 – 7:30 pm)

3/19 (Monday) – Fire Drill

3/20-3/22 (Tuesday-Thursday) – PARCC testing

3/23 (Friday) – Drama Club in-school performance (9:00 am) and evening performance (7:00 pm)