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Week of Jan. 29- Feb. 2

Please help us continue to keep our school healthy. If your child is displaying flu-like symptoms, please keep them home. 

February is finally upon us! I hope that you and your family have been staying healthy. We enjoyed Peace Week by watching inspiring videos, reading books focusing on peace, writing about peace, and having meaningful discussions about how we can help bring peace to the world. This week, we finished up our unit on poetry. The students each got their own theme to write about, and worked all week to write and edit their work. They are excited to share their final projects on Monday! In social studies, we learned about Plymouth and the events that took place with that colony. The 3rd and 4th graders have been so excited to follow the stories of the Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth settlements! In math, the 4th graders began their unit on angles and measuring with protractors. We completed our Unit 4 tests and answered questions that still remained once the tests were handed back.

Next week, we will start a new unit in writing. The students will be working on informational writing based on nature. They will need to have their own sources of information on the topic that is approved for them. An e-mail was also sent out about this project. Thank you for helping us and your child! In social studies, we will start to talk about the 13 colonies. The students will learn where the colonies are, what they were known for, and what life was like at those times. In math, the 4th graders will continue working with protractors until they feel more comfortable with them. Then, we will be able to move on to using them more fluently in our math lessons.



2/5 (Monday) – Jump Rope for Heart Assembly at 8:15

2/6 (Tuesday)- Green Challenge Assembly at 8:15

2/9 (Friday) – Fun Fair from 4:00-7:30 pm

2/12 (Monday) – Lunar New Year Performance at 8:10

2/14 (Wednesday) – PBIS celebration

2/14 (Wednesday)- Classroom Valentine’s Day parties at 2:15-3:15