Week of Jan. 22-26

Please check your e-mail for a special message from PCCS about the flu. We need your help keeping our school healthy. Please help us by thoroughly disinfecting items that you regularly send with your child to school every day.  If your child is displaying flu-like symptoms, please keep them home. 

We had such a fun week here at PCCS with School Choice Week! From crazy hair to movie characters, all of the students showed their excitement for PCCS. We also fit in learning with all of this excitement, of course. In writing, the 3rd and 4th graders learned about the concept of “theme” in poetry. We worked a class to come up with different ideas that could be written about with a particular theme, and then spent time writing our own poems. Some of the themes were sadness, friendships, and forgiveness. In social studies, we started on, and completed, our 3-D maps of the Jamestown colony! Our maps are now proudly displayed on a bulletin board in our classroom. We even added colonial herbs and plants to our mini towns! In math, the 4th graders finished their unit on subtraction and took their unit test. The tests will be handed back next week! We are still finding rounding large numbers to be a bit of a challenge, so this will be a good skill to continue working on.

Next week, the 4th graders will be starting their unit on angles and protractors. We will pay special attention to measuring with protractors, as this proves to be a tricky concept. In writing, the students will work on editing a poem for an “open mic” sharing of poetry in the classroom. We will also talk about how to space out lines in poetry to help create a rhythm to our work. In social studies, the students will start learning about Plymouth and create their own accordion book to help them remember the events that took place. Have a great weekend!


Jan. 29- Feb. 2 – PEACE WEEK ALL WEEK!

Jan. 29 – Peace Week Assembly at 8:15

Feb. 2 – Trivia Night!