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Week of Feb. 26-March 2

Happy March! Spring is just around the corner! In writing this week, we spent time creating our portfolios for Student- Led Conferences. The students reflected on the work that they did well on, and the work that they want to improve on. Everyone seems excited to share their accomplishments with their families! In social studies, we spent time working on 100 acre and 1 acre maps of our homestead in our colonies. The 3rd and 4th graders were able to decided the best place to live in a colony according to the natural resources that were around them. They also had an opportunity to see the impact that colonists made on the environment around them when they created a homestead. In math, the 4th graders wrapped up their unit on perimeter, area, polygons, and angles. They spent time examining the specific qualities of shapes, and used Work Places to review before their test.

The 4th graders will take their Unit 5 test on Monday, and have received a study guide for their review. In social studies, we will meet the “town crier” who will announce several acts brought upon us by the British government. Our apprentices that moved to Boston will have to decide how they are feeling about these acts, and will journal about their thoughts. In writing, we will take what we have learned about the colonies that we researched, and the maps that we created, and write about the changes that the colonists brought upon the land. Students will talk about changes to natural resources and the land forms around them. As the week goes on, the students will check in with their writing buddies for any changes that need to be made.


March 2 (Friday) – Report cards go home

March 6-9 – Girl’s Basketball Tournament (4:00 – 6:00 pm)

March 7 (Wednesday) – Tornado Drill

March 8 and 9 (Thursday and Friday) – ER

March 8 (Thursday) – Student-Led Conferences

March 8 and 9 (Thursday and Friday) – Scholastic Book Fair