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Week of April 16-20

Happy Earth Week! The weather did not exactly cooperate with our plans, but we still made the week amazing. Each day had a different focus, and our activities followed each day’s theme. Throughout the week, the 3rd and 4th graders filled out their Earth Week journals. This gave them a chance to reflect and discuss the type of information they learned from each lesson. Some of our activities included: Deadly Links (a lesson on the food chain and pesticides), Empty Lot (students proposed an idea on what to do with an empty lot to land “owners”), Escape Room (an outdoor escape room), a field trip to Hastings Lake (students participated in a variety of outdoor activities), Habitat Advertising (students researched assigned animal habitats and created ads to “sell” the habitats), Amazon Rainforest (students learned about the layers of the rainforest), and so many more activities! We certainly had a memorable week that went by quickly.

Next week, we will go back to our regular academics. From Mrs Larson about 3rd grade math: We are continuing Unit 5 and have started module 2 which focuses on solving word problems that require division. Students are learning how to write their own word problems that require multiple steps, as well as, how to solve multi-step word problems. Students should be using nightly unless there are specific math pages assigned. Students can work towards mastering all third grade word problem topics until mastery. In math, the 4th graders will continue exploring fractions and dive deeper into our new unit. The unit will talk about equivalent fractions, putting fractions in order, and comparing fractions with unlike denominators. We will also introduce a few new Work Place games! From Mrs Larson about 3rd grade math: The 3rd and 4th graders will be getting back to their motion and matter unit by reviewing and discussing patterns in motion. Since we have had a break from our last lesson, we will also review the motion created by ramps, wheels, and axles. At the end of the week, we will get to participate in a lesson/game called “Twirly Bird”. In writing, we will pick up where we left off with our personal narratives. On Thursday, our grade will go to the Waukegan Library to spend time with another school and do several fun activities together. Have a great weekend!


Upcoming Events at PCCS:
Saturday, April 21st–PCCS Track Meet at Lakes High School
Monday, April 23rd–PCCS Track Meet at Alden Hebron
Tuesday, April 24thBoard Meeting 7pm
Saturday, April 28th–PCCS Conference Track Meet at Grant High School
Coming Soon!
Wednesday, May 9th–PSO General Meeting 7pm in Muir Hall