Week 9

This short week has been jam packed! On Tuesday, we completed our “E” key activities by working on Solo Spots and filling out some pages in our Training Manual. The kids received their “E” keys and their own Earth Keeper apprentice cards! How exciting! Information also went home about the “Y” key activities that are to be done at home, please make sure you’ve looked over the packet with your student. If you have looked it over, please sign the first page of the packet! If your child would like to work on their packet, they are more than welcome to! The entire packet is due on November 21, so that everyone can earn their key.

In reading, we have been working on our book discussions. Students finished their books this week, and we’ll be having our final book discussion on Monday. We will be continuing to learn about Greek Mythology.

In science, each student chose a wetland animal to research. We used the computers and field guides to find out information about our animals in class the past two days. Next week, the students will be finishing their reports.

4th grade math was a big hit this week – we played spoons, which helped students match numbers in standard form, expanded form, and word form. They will be having a test on the different forms and place value on Friday.

Please remember:

  • Staff vs. Student soccer game is on Monday (Oct. 17)
  • There is an ER on Wednesday (Oct. 19)
  • Field trip forms are due back Oct. 21st (please include a check or money).  We are seeing Jason and the Argonauts at CLC.