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Week 9

This post is coming early since the school week ends today! We have had a very exciting week in all of our subject areas! The 3rd and 4th graders learned about the gods and goddesses, the language, and the themes of Greek mythology. They are fascinated with the idea that a lot of our language comes from Greek terms. We even started to plan out writing for our very own myths! In social studies, the students have started their introduction to explorers of America. They even stumped a few adults with their knowledge of who the first to discover America was! Do you know who it is? In math, the 4th graders are continuing to work on more complicated multiplication problems and showing how to come up with an answer with open arrays. We are also working on multiplying by 10’s, 100’s, and 1,000’s and understanding multi-step problems.

Next week, the 4th graders will take a closer look at story problems, and what exactly is being asked in each problem. They will also begin multiplying with money and units of measurement. In social studies, the 3rd and 4th graders will take a closer look at specific explorers, what their accomplishments were, and what routes they took via ship. The 3rd graders will be starting¬† “The Chocolate Touch”, and will have book discussions with the teacher. 4th graders will be starting “Underworld”, and will also be meeting with a teacher for a book discussion. In writing, we will get the chance to work a bit more on writing our myths and sharing them once they are completed.



10/6/17 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher in-service

10/9/17 – NO SCHOOL – Columbus Day

10/10/17 – Picture Day makeups

10/11/17 – Farm to Table

10/13/17 – Pizza Friday!

10/18/17 – Early Release

10/19/17- Staff vs. Students soccer game